Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Zombies Stalk St. Louis

2012 Idiotarod 21 BW

Ever feel like a zombie on your way home from work after a long, stressful day? (Actually got a clue what it would feel like to feel like a zombie?) Well, one team at the Idiotarod took a crack at it. I can't quite find a pattern in their costumes, though. There's a soldier, the Statue of Liberty (What? Is there some political satire here?), a Dom Deluise impersonator and two I-don't-know-what, just walking around ex-people.

There were a few required activities along the race route. In the bottom picture, the zombies become remarkably animated while trying to throw tennis balls through holes in a board about three meters away.

I think I've actually seen big, sealed cooler boxes on airport luggage carousels labeled as having organs for transplant. You can't trust FedEx for that sort of thing but checked baggage on American Airlines seems to be okay.
STL DPB will be on automatic mode the rest of the week. Posts with Idiotarod photos will be uploaded in advance and I won't be able to leave comments. I've got a ton and a half, possibly a ton and three-quarters, of work to do. Friday is a travel day. Fresh posts and comments will resume Saturday night (maybe) or Sunday morning (for sure) our time from Tamarindo, Costa Rica.
2012 Idiotarod 20 (Zombies 2)

2012 Idiotarod 22 (Zombies 4)

2012 Idiotarod 23 (Zombies 5)


Olivier said...

"Night of the Living Dead" de quoi faire des cauchemars ;) ils sont impressionnant, j'aime beaucoup la deuxieme photo

Bibi said...

I was about to say what Olivier did...interesting...and that film scared me to 'death'.

Anonymous said...


Drive by any Liberty Tax Service during tax time and you'll likely see someone dressed as the Statue of Liberty out by the roadside. They hold large signs, wave, dance around, etc. to get your attention to patronize their business.

Not quite the professional image, zombie or not, that I would want in a business that wants to do my taxes.

William Kendall said...

"The dead have risen from the grave, and they're doing taxes!"