Thursday, March 8, 2012


2012 Idiotarod 4 (Kermit)

Even though Jim Hensen is long gone, the Muppets still draw crowds on television, movies and on Locust Street in downtown St. Louis. This iteration is another team at the Idiotarod. Most everyone will recognize Kermit, above, and Miss Piggy, below. The whole crew lines up at the bottom, including Fozzie Bear and the Swedish Chef. I don't remember the character with the guitar. Suggestions?

I did a B&W version of the portrait of Kermit that I much prefer. The color version seemed better for the portal. You can see the B&W version here and decide for yourself.
STL DPB will be on automatic mode until the weekend. Posts with Idiotarod photos will be uploaded in advance and I won't be able to leave comments. I've got a ton and a half, possibly a ton and three-quarters, of work to do. Friday is a travel day. Fresh posts and comments will resume Saturday night (maybe) or Sunday morning (for sure) our time from Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It can't come too soon. And hey! We just booked a day trip to Nicaragua for next Wednesday.

2012 Idiotarod 12 (Miss Piggy)

2012 Idiotarod 24 (Muppets)


Olivier said...

ah j'adore ces déguisements ;) adolescent je regardais le muppet show, c’était délirant

cieldequimper said...

Fun! Hust like Olivier, I used to love watching the Muppet show!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Haha! fun shots Bob, yup I love the B&W.

Bibi said...

I love the Muppets. Hard to say which is my favorite...The Swedish Chef, perhaps. There was a character called Floyd who played the guitar.

Nathalie said...

Miss Piggy was made for the job. Your photos are great fun.

(enjoy the flight)