Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Arch Series

Mississippi River and Arch 2011-05-01
The Mississippi is dropping now. It will be below official flood stage at St. Louis by Saturday. Downstream, though, around the junction of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, the flood is breaking all records.

This is what it looked like along the Arch grounds last Sunday. The row of little dots in the bottom-center shows the top of concrete bollards that mark the border between the sidewalk and cobblestone levee. The water is usually way to the left of that.

Sorry for the lack of comments yesterday. I had a bunch of printing to do when I got home from work, stuff for a group show I'm in that opens in a week, a couple of things for a charity auction and a copy of the header from Downtown St. Louis 365 for The Partnership for Downtown St. Louis. Busy, busy, busy.

Downtown St. Louis 365 observes that the flood is fascinating to everyone.

Watching The Flood


Olivier said...

majestueuse dans ces nuages, une forme de porte du paradis

Unknown said...

Is it already thursday again? Wonderful shot of your spectacular arch. I think I've to visit your intriguing city. I wish you a nice day, Bob. said...

This is an unusual angle for viewing the Arch. The river is indeed wide and high. The grace and beauty of the Eads Bridge that you showed a few days ago is a contrast to the modern bridges to the south, visible in your photo today.

Virginia said...

Seems like yesterday that you were sharing flood shots. Time flies !!! I'm not sure if you've ever shown us the Big A from this POV.

Rob said...

Mississippi is dropping up here as well. They opened another gate at the Coon Rapids Dam.