Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gonna Wave My Freak Flag High

People's Joy Parade 32

And not just Jimi Hendrix. There is such a wonderful diversity of weirdos in the People's Joy Parade. It's reassuring that some of the young still rail against consumer society. Reminds me of a panel in an old R. Crumb Mr. Natural comic where some wild-eyed revolutionary is going around screaming come the revolution ain't gonna be no more Cadillacs.

I fear that St. Louis has a reputation around the country as a middle sized city of decreasing importance, a place where college graduates do not want to go for their first job. No point in criticizing regional civic and business leaders here (an impossibly big task) but the people of our area have wonderful energy and creativity. It's in action in these photos.

People's Joy Parade 31

Annie Malone Parade 6


cieldequimper said...

I wonder if she has an Ipod, and Ipad.... I don't.

Virginia said...

Don't apologize for your grand city B. It's got a lot going for it. I love your city's devotion to the arts and your parades are FAB! :)