Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't Drink And Bike

Tour de Grove 8 (Premium Lounge 1)

There was a place to find consolation for riders who finished at the back of the pack in the Tour de Grove . They could head to the Premium Lounge with their disappointed friends, ride right in the door and coast up to the bar. Green or black olive in your martini?

Tour de Grove 9

Downtown St. Louis 365 provides directions for those who can't find a 630 foot steel monument or the largest river in North America.



Oakland Daily Photo said...

I'd go into the lounge just to get out of the rain. You're kidding about black olives, right?

cieldequimper said...

I'll have both but without Martini. So much better than pedalling.

Stefan Jansson said...

I have done that a few times. Gone for a bike ride after drinking some alcohol, not something to recommend.

brattcat said...

Love the composition and the concept in that first shot!

Christina Klas said...

Don't drink and bike? .... bummer ;)

These posts do inspire me to get back on my bike though. Makes it easier to reward myself - with a martini or anything else!

Virginia said...

Green s'il vous plait!!! And I love love this shot. If you ever see me on a bike again, rest assured I've been overserved somewhere!

cara said...

Olives on the side and a nice G&T please!

In Queensland you can be arrested for cycling under the influence. But interestingly not if you are riding on the footpath.