Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ronald Gives Out High Fives

Annie Malone Parade 8 (Ronald Gives A High Five)

This photo got a lot of views on Flickr so let's give it a shot here. There is something I find morbidly fascinating about Ronald McDonald, colorful and cheerful, purveyor of of Happy Meals that, if consumed regularly, will one day make children unhappy. He dresses in tones of catsup, mustard and (you pick) milk or sugar. And the appeal is pan-cultural: years ago I was sitting in a taxi in Cairo in huge traffic jam. It was the Muslim holy month and sunset was near. I looked to the side and saw a McDonald's with a sign in the window, written in Arabic and English, that said FREE RAMADAN LANTERN WITH EVERY HAPPY MEAL.

It's a great world we live in.

Maybe we should have Ronald busted as a public nuisance by these officers on Downtown St. Louis 365.

Annie Malone Parade 10 (SLPD)


Julie said...

NOt sure about great. I found that a bit sad.

I agree with the stories I have read over the last week that it is time for Ronald to be put out to pasture.

cieldequimper said...

Wasn't he from the last century?

brattcat said...

he gives me the creeps...always has. i'll be glad to see him fade from the scene.

nathalie said...

High fives won't get me to like him.

Is he going to go green like the company's main sign?
(in fact, is the color change initiated in the U.S. or is it only a European thing? )

nathalie said...

I meant to say "was the color change initiated in the U.S. or is it only a European thing?"
... the story I'm referring to is this one :

Amanda said...

As a kid my brother and I thought it was the height of hilarity to phone up the local McDonalds & ask if we could speak to Ronald!

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

Let's link to all the Ronald McDonald photos we find on City Daily Photo blogs!

Where's Ronald?


Sharon said...

I heard on the news that there is a push to get McDonald's to stop using Ronald McDonald as maketing tool. I wonder where that effort will end up.