Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bikers Are Nice People, Too

Latin American Motorcycle Association 1

In the staging area for the People's Joy Parade. Now, I don't go out of my way to hang out with bikers, being sort of an opera and pinot noir kind of guy, but my job has taught me how to get along with every kind of person. I've never, ever had anything but friendliness and cooperation when I ask bikers if I can photograph then at a public event. I was chatting up this group when one of them asked if I wanted to get the colors. It took just a second to figure out that meant the back of the leather vest.

Not sure about the group name. Most of them didn't look Latino. The man in the bottom picture is Philippine. Didn't speak a word of Spanish but knew his Tagalog.

People's Joy Parade 19

The band plays on at Downtown St. Louis 365.

Party In The Plaza 19


cieldequimper said...

They DO look friendly and I hope they didn't put that in the washing machine.

Stefan Jansson said...

Every bike I have ever met have been friendly. But then again I did refrain from approaching Hells Angels when I met them at a biker event.