Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On Guard For Thee

Brad Is Still On Guard

No, obviously not Canada and there's no maple leaf on that flag. Once again we visit with Brad, whom we first met in the post of December 9, 2010. He's there, standing just like this, dressed just like that, every Sunday from 10 to 4, rain, snow or sun, until the Lord tells him otherwise. He's usually down around that tent, something of a stage area when it's not inundated, facing the Arch. During the flood he stands on the stairs below the monument facing the river, as if guarding it from the forces of evil. See Psalms 12:7-8.

On a similar theme, Downtown St. Louis 365 adresses the sacred and the profane.

The Sacred And The Profane


cieldequimper said...

I wonder what he'll do if the water rises to where he's standing. Move back a bit?

Olivier said...

comme un artiste, le show continue quelque soit le temps et les conditions