Sunday, May 1, 2011

Robot Wars

Robotics Championship 4

The robotics championship for high school students was held in St. Louis over the last few days. It took place in the domed football stadium and adjacent convention center. The rules of competition were complicated. It's after midnight as I write this so I hope to add some details in the morning our time.

Robotics Championship 7

Downtown St. Louis 365 looks at the cavernous dome itself.


4 comments: said...

The top photo looks like robotic dodge 'em cars. This is a worthwhile event. I wonder if any of these high school kids could dome up with a robot that can slice and serve pizza.

Virginia said...

WEll it looks like "good, clean fun"! :)

PS We both forgot Theme Day and I can't find out what June's is!!!

brattcat said...

if you dream it...

Olivier said...

surprenant, j'ai jamais vu de combats de robots, mais pourquoi pas ;) c'est bete de penser que les robots ne sont la que pour se battre (asimov n'aurait pas aime)