Monday, March 7, 2011

STL DPB In Los Angeles: At The Getty

At The Getty 1

A couple of shots from our too-brief run through the Getty Center on Saturday. One of the things I like about LA is its cultural and ethnic variety. Sure, New York has plenty of that but the flavors are different here. Just from an eyeball survey there are a lot more East Asian people and fewer South Asian people. NY has a big Hispanic population but LA's is far larger. You hear Spanish at every turn. In the picture above, a young woman reads a Chinese newspaper on a terrace at the Getty. Below, the passageway to the area where she was sitting. The place is bursting with architectural oh wows.

I got some good pictures from the air flying out here and edited a half dozen yesterday. They are in the set for this trip I started on Flickr. Click here.

At. The Getty 2

You can be cursed by a black swan, if you like, on Downtown St. Louis 365 today.

2011 Idiotarod 21


Olivier said...

j'aime bien la deuxieme photo, cet arbre en contasme avec cet construction

cieldequimper said...

And I really like the first one, that slice of unexpected life.

brattcat said...

Fine shots, Bob. That passage in the second image looks like a work of art itself, particularly the way you've composed the shot.

Wayne said...

I've been up to the Getty a couple of times. It tends to feel like the complex is more of a draw than whatever happens to be on exhibit. I have mixed feelings about the place.

Nathalie said...

Thanks for the link to your mid-air photos, they are amazing. Number 2 especially with its perfect circles...