Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't Tell Me You Don't Have Any Pictures To Post

Car Wash 1

Don't tell me you have nothing to post. If you're desperate, grab your camera, get in the car and drive through the neighborhood car wash. If you don't have a car, good for you. Grab your camera and walk to the neighborhood bus stop. There is always something.

Tomorrow is STL's big annual St. Patrick Day's parade. Now there's something to shoot.

My new posts are not coming up on the portal. Must make inquiries.

Car Wash 2

Car Wash 3

I don't have any pictures to post on Downtown St. Louis 365. Or do I?

Old Courthouse 2011-02-13


Olivier said...

j'espere que tu avais mis une capote sur ton APN pour bien le proteger ;o)) l'enseigne sous l'eau rend tres bien

cieldequimper said...

Strange that: here you have to get out of your car while it's being washed. Which reminds me that my car is a dump.

Virginia said...

Great idea. I"m desperate. Car wash tomorrow!

Virginia said...

Hey B. we're back on the portal side by side! :)

T. Becque said...

Well, ok, then I don't have anything I'm proud to post - would that be a better statement?! :)