Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Balancing Act

Walking The Serra 3

So I was doing my usual downtown walkabout on Sunday when I noticed a young man sitting on top of one of the slabs of Richard Serra's Twain. The massive steel construction has been featured on this blog before.

The individual sections are at least 3 meters high. Lacking any Spider Man talents, I didn't understand how he got up there. But as I rounded the sculpture I saw him up on top, walking the edge that couldn't be more than 5 cm wide
and crossing the gaps between the plates. My first instinct was to run away in terror (to the extent that I can run) before witnessing what could be severe injuries. Then I thought what the hell, whipped up my telephoto lens and shot these. The boy saw me and called out, "Hey, mister, nice camera!"

Thanks. Nice performance, too.

Walking The Serra Composite

Matt Holliday looks through Kieth Haring's eye on Downtown St. Louis 365 today.



Olivier said...

bravo a cet acrobate,un vrai chat.

Votre voyage pour la France est pret, vous devez etre content, comme moi pour NYC ;)

cieldequimper said...

Wow. I'm going back to bed.

Luis Gomez said...

These are great!

brattcat said...

Ah, the balance and confidence of youth. You've caught it splendidly.

Virginia said...

WEll i just stopped by to see if there was any cake and champagne left from yesterday's festivities... but no.

This kid is amazing. Glad you whipped out the big honker lens and got these great shots. Would make a nice triptych or something.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a skating shot at first and it occurred to me that the skate park under the kingshighway bridge (s of 44) might produce some good shots:

U "R" Us said...

Awesome! I would attempt that, which should come as no surprise to you.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

We're these guys doing a parcours run?