Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Bit Naughtier

Naughti Gras 2

There had to be something naughti-ish to call it Naughti Gras. There was all sorts of entertainment that was not, um, family oriented, other than in the sense of suggesting activity that creates families. Well, you couldn't get in if you were not twenty one (there was alcohol for sale!) and, at that point, you were old enough to know what you were getting into. The organizers were carding almost everyone at the door but waived us through on an obvious elderly exemption. Which would have been more embarrassing?

Today is a travel day for me and Mrs. C. I have some business out of town in a few days and we're sticking in some R&R beforehand. I must apologize in advance for a lack of comments on my friends' blogs. There won't be much free time until I get home Wednesday night. Images from the destination soon, after we hang out with the angels for a bit.

Naughti Gras 14
(I think Olivier will like this one.)

Tests of athletic skill today on Downtown St. Louis 365!

2011 Idiotarod 16


cieldequimper said...

I'm sure he will! How decadent! :-)))
Have a wonderful time!

Kate said...

Not quite as scary as yesterday's image on your blog.!

Birdman said...

The 'spice' of life. Looks like it was fun.

Virginia said...

Lord have mercy, what's this world comin' to?? I"m blushing. Yeah right!!!!
Bon weekend,

brattcat said...

Angels? Safe travels.
The expressions on the faces in the first shot are priceless.

T. Becque said...

I like the looks on the girls in the background watching the girl on stage - their eyes are saying mean things!

Olivier said...

belle danseuse, voila un spectacle que j'aurais aime voir. Merci pour la deuxieme photo ;))

Nathalie said...

Yes, Olivier DID enjoy the second photo :-)))
Competition for the Moulin Rouge show oh la la!