Tuesday, March 8, 2011

STL DPB In Los Angeles: Kids And Jackson Pollock

Kids And Pollock

At the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. A class of school children Were studying Rothkos and this Jackson Pollock. Some were into it, some were bored. One little boy was trying to copy a Rothko with colored pencils, moving intense attention from painting and paper. When a teacher told him it was time to go he barked "I am not finished."

Contemporary art museums in this country all seem to have similar acronyms, like MOCA (LA Museum of Contemporary Art), MCA (Museum of Contemporart Art, Chicago) and MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York. If I had the money to start an art museum, I might establish the Center Of Modern Art, or COMA.

Actual work to do today in Los Angeles. I'll try to get Downtown St. Louis 365 posted later today.

Kids And Rothko

Downtown St. Louis 365 is on the run today.

2011 Idiotarod 28


Olivier said...

superbe composition sur la deuxieme photo, bravo superbe photo

Wayne said...

I like the second image too.

I've sat in front of that Rothko (not on the floor) for some time as it happens. That, I've learned, is the only way of having a hope of getting anything out of Rothkos.

PJ said...

Your powers of observation are always as interesting as your physical images. Are you going to the Huntington? V and I have a blogger pal who's a docent there.

brattcat said...

It's always fascinating watching the way children are engaged (or not) by museum art.

Nathalie H.D. said...

I LOVE the story about the young artist and the middle photo with one kid rolling on the floor and the other intently watching/working.

You said it, not all of us are sensitive to the same things.