Thursday, January 24, 2008


One of the more out-of-the-way attractions in London is the Imperial war Museum, in the Lambeth area of the South Bank. It does not glorify either empire or warfare. I found it to be a moving lesson about Britain's conflicts in the Twentieth Century, particularly its fight for survival in World War II.

Out front are two of the biggest guns Britain ever built - or perhaps the biggest; I get a little fuzzy on the details.

Back to St. Louis pix by the weekend, I hope.

TOMORROW: A monster along the Thames


Olivier said...

l'angle choisi pour la photo est superbe, bravo

The angle chosen for the photo is superb, bravo

Mitch said...

Holy cow, that makes for such a great thumbnail on CDPB. How big are the guns? The biggest we ever made were 18" guns, I think the Japanese had 19" guns on the Yamamoto. Eh, I might be off, I'm too lazy to go look it up.

Great shot though, I like how the building lights show, so that you have two different color temps going on, makes the heavily-armed building inviting.

- Mitch in Minneapolis

Josy said...

When my family visited the Imperial War Museum, it was summer, and this heavy artillery was surrounded by rosebushes in bloom.

Naturally, my family looked at that setup and said "*snicker snicker* 'Guns & Roses,' *snicker snicker*."

Nice dusky photo here.