Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tower Grove Park In Winter 2

Tower Grove is full of local people in the summer. It is the venue of a large International Festival in June. It the winter, however, it is often quiet and nearly empty. It is a peaceful place to walk and, if you like, take pictures.

TOMORROW: It's not the photograph, it's the message.


Ming the Merciless said...

Spectacular scene of Tower Grove! It does look peaceful and quiet, and sooo clean.

Kunal Bhatia said...

yea, it does look so serene, quiet and calm. would love to unwind here with a book.

and as regards indian weddings, am not so sure about the seating arrangement of the bride and the groom. will try and find that one out. and monsoon wedding is a good example of north indian hindu weddings; mind you like everything else in india, you go to anyother state, and all the ceremonies will be COMPLETELY different.

Mindless Mumbai

Susan said...

Lovely photo!

Bergson said...

Superb underwood I like these colors

Olivier said...

je trouve cette photo magnifique, voila le type de photo que je rate tout le temps, tu as su bien prendre les couleurs, la composition, l'infini, je suis totalement fan.
I find this picture magnificent, voila the kind of photo that I miss all the time, you have managed to catch the color, composition, the infinite, I am totally fan.

Gregg said...

I also love this picture! For three years, I worked near this park and frequently ate my lunch there. It is still one of my favorite St. Louis spots and this picture perfectly captures the feel of the park. Most photographers focus on the amazing architecture in the park.

I wish I had taken this picture!