Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eades Bridge

Eads Bridge has appeared in several earlier posts. It is the oldest span across the middle and lower Mississippi River. Here, it looks like in might be a Roman aqueduct on a foggy Tuscan morning. Shot with the Lensbaby, of course.

There is a very good online school called the Perfect Picture School of Photography, founded by the well-known photographer Bryan Peterson (check out his book Understanding Exposure). I took an eight week course based on that book in 2006 and was very pleased. I've just started a four week Lensbaby class, so it's likely that many more of these images will be inflicted on you.

TOMORROW: Does the plumber have more than water in his pipe?


Olivier said...

j'aime tes effets, cela me fait penser a ce site Olivo Barbieri

Rob said...

Roman world in St. Louis? That for letter word, "work" has interfered with so much photography and blogging time. Anywho, I shall lok into this like you provided as I surely can use the photographic help. Thanks!

And I am looking forward to more pics from your Lensbaby. Such a cool lens. So far, I like my 17-85mm, but I was thinking about a 10-22, or a 50-300mm. But this Lensbaby is too cool to wait for.