Friday, January 25, 2008

Art Walks On Eight Legs

On the Jubilee Walk, between London's Tate Modern museum and the River Thames, crawls Louise Bourgeois' intimidating sculpture, Maman. St. Paul's Cathedral is in the right background.

This was shot at night handheld at ISO 3200 and then spiffed up in Photoshop.

TOMORROW: Victorian decor in the Midwest, with a twist


Mo said...

I am arachnophobic, I think they should have a big giant can of Raid next to it. :)

Deslilas said...

Anything could happen out of this.
Good thriller.

Andrée said...

One of the best and most interesting photos I have seen in quite awhile. It looks like something from some movie I saw once.

Fredrik Ekblad said...

Great composition! We've seen the Maman here as well. Very impressive sculpture.

KODIACK said...