Tuesday, January 15, 2008

He leaps for the ball...he's got it!

Now I told you on Sunday that I'm taking a Lensbaby class and a bunch of these pix were probably on the way. If you don't like the whole Lensbaby idea, you might prefer to visit this blog instead.

There was an assignment to do for the class so I was wandering around downtown looking for material. At one of the corners of Busch Stadium, where the Cardinals play, are half-life size statues of local baseball greats. I've only done a post on them once, back in April. They are pretty cool, showing the athletes' bodied at full effort. This one is George Sisler, star first baseman of the St. Louis Browns (which left here in 1954 and became the Baltimore Orioles). I like how the sculpture expresses the effort of the leap, stretch and catch.

TOMORROW: Fly away.


Mitch said...

I like the effect of a lensbaby, but it's a little heavy-handed and you can tell that it was a LB that did it. I'm curious to see what you can come up with in the class, maybe even reducing the effect a little. Either way, new toys are always a good thing.
Good luck!
Thanks for the totally awesome compliment on my blog today!

- Mitch in Minneapolis

Kate said...

Whenever I see statues of sports' heros I stop and look because it shows the artists' skills as well as the communities' values. Many cities have them but I like those I've seen (and photographed) in Green Bay and St. Paul. The new lens will give you many pleasurable hours, I'd bet!

Annie said...

Very cool!

Pat said...

Very interesting indeed. I've heard of the LB but haven't seen much taken through it yet. I enjoyed seeing this one.


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les maudites said...

Beautiful photo !

R&R said...

I'm ambivalent on lensbabies, but I like the shot. Nicely done -- I find bronze difficult in bright sun, but you've exposed it well.

Anonymous said...

Good sense of movement, but do you think the Lensbaby kind of gives a little too much blur.

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