Saturday, July 28, 2007

St. Louis Artists

More portraits of local artists from the studio open house last weekend.

Phil Jarvis is a painter with a wild imagination. His work is made up of fantastical images that seem to unfold in magic space. There are elements of surrealism, shot through with sharp humor. He is also a wood craftsman. His paintings are irregularly shaped and he makes his own frames to suit each work. I am sorry I can't show you any examples. Phil, your need a Web site!

Greg Barth is a photographer who works primarily with large format view cameras. They are technically demanding instruments. Each click of the shutter button is expensive, so photographers in this medium must be careful and precise. Greg told me this forced slowing down improves his vision, work and satisfaction. On occasion, he uses a Holga, a $20 camera with a plastic lens prized by some photographers for its beautiful yet unpredictable results. Check out some of Greg's work here.

I'm becoming more and more interested in portrait photography. We'll see where that takes me.


Sasha said...

I think I've seen that Phil guy before somewhere. Eh, it'll come to me eventually. Love Greg's photography. Thanks for showing us!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Great series of portraits you've done there, also going back to your previous posts. Not only for the great expressions you caught on their faces but also for the background, either relevant to the writer or colourful and graphically very pleasing.

Anonymous said...

Nice portraits.

Abraham Lincoln
Down Memory Lane