Wednesday, July 11, 2007

American Rah-Rah

Yesterday afternoon at camera camp, we shot professional models. I can't put those pix on the blog without permission. So, today we get cheerleaders.

Pix from the Fourth of July parade. I do not know whom these young ladies were representing - I cut off the body of the car, which had a sign about that. I was more interested in the golden cheerleader - American flag motif. Sex and patriotism. Throw in a steak and a Budweiser and the voters are happy.


Sasha said...

Good lord, am I gettin gold or do they all look 12? Okay, maybe a bit older.

Nicely blunt observation. Sex sells, simple as that. What more needs to be said (though I continue talking anyway. Sorry, I'm sure you've noticed by now that I'm a rambler.)

Sasha said...

lol! Ok, thanks to my space bar not wanting to work I made a most ingetesting typo. "getting old" not "gettin gold!"

Olivier said...

les cheerleaders font partis du reve americain pour nous français ;o).
Je sais pas si tu as vu, mais un joueur français a signe dans un club de la NFL (Philippe Gardent au Carolina) l'annee prochaine le drapeau français va flotter sur la NFL

the cheerleaders make parties of the American dream for us French ;O).
I do not know if you saw, but a French player has sign in a club of the NFL (Philippe Gardent in Carolina) the next year the French flag will float on the NFL