Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Camera Camp, Day 1

First day at the Maine Photography Workshops. I learned more today about studio lighting today than I had in my previous 57 years, four months and something days, (Is division by zero allowed?) This is my classmate, Aviva, from Massachusetts. The lighting style is called the Rembrant because this is how the painter often lit his subjects in window light: one side illuminated, a triangle of light under the eye on the darker side. So much more to learn.


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely portrait--I think it reflects well on the photographer when you can get people to look into your camera eye like this and look comfortable, even content while you fiddle with lighting, etc...(and thanks for the info re the rembrandt lighting style!)

Anonymous said...

These are some of the same lessons I used to teach painters. And, by the way, it is a very nice portrait.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Sasha said...

Lovely! The photo is lovely, the lighting is lovely, and the subject is lovely with a lovely name. I can't wait to learn more from a master such as yourself!

(PS-saw a commercial yesterday with a very kind looking lawyer on it. Made me think of you!)

Anonymous said...

Woah, Bob! Woah. Nice photo. So i'm embarking on a very ambitious documentary project with a friend. We want to interview people in the neighborhood and ask about their feelings on gentrification (Logan Sq. is the next stop). So you can help me figure out some lighting techniques. Save your notes!

Bob Crowe said...

Thanks again for generous comments. This is actually baby step stuff, the afternoon of the first day of an ultra-intenst photo portrait course. She is only lit with one light. A standard portrait system has three - the main light, a background light to separate the model from what's behind, and a hair light, to bring out highlights in the hair from the opposite side of the main light.

We shot prosessioal models today in studio conditions. I can't post them here because they get paid fot that kind of stuff. However, I can e-mail you guys some. I actually chose to stay with one light, rather than two or three, on one of my two model shoots today, to maximize dramatic effect.

Stephane said...

Hi Bob, that's a great picture, this workshop seems really interesting, keep up with the good work and I'll be waiting to see the rest of it.
Feel free to email me some pictures if you can't post them here.

JOY Krauthammer, MBA said...

Dear Strangetastes,
Cute Rembrandt model. I think she/Aviva would be great in more of your photos.
The Mother

Really love your pics, themes, humor, commentary, and choice of model.