Monday, July 16, 2007

Back In The Lou

Back home after a wonderful week in photography school. This picture is in the Soulard neighborhood, just south of downtown. Most of the area has been yuppified but the income level drops sharply at the edges. This man is sitting on the stoop of a locked storefront church, waiting for something with his striking pink umbrella. No clues about what he awaits.


Olivier said...

une tres belle photo, j'aime beaucoup le contrasme entre l'ambiance de la photo et la couleur de l'ombrelle.

a very beautiful photograph, I like much the contrasme between the environment of the photograph and the color of the sunshade.

Sasha said...

Forgive my dorky obsession with Harry Potter, but perhaps he's waiting for Hagrid to come back from some secret Order mission and reclaim his umbrella.

Good photo. I haven't been to Soulard in quite awhile!

Anonymous said...

A great photograph--and the caption is also very thoughtful.

Bob Crowe said...

Bluechic - well, the caption doesn't refer to the picture. "The Lou" is a contemporary slang nickname for St. Louis. I used it because I've been out of town for a bit. But thank you very much for the comment - I appreciate it!