Sunday, July 29, 2007

In the Cathedral 3, Plus a Lagniappe

Another example on the mosaics inside the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica. I wish that contemporary St. Louis would better follow the saint-king's example.

Lagniappe is a wonderful word in Louisiana Cajun French. It means a little something extra for free, and here's mine for today. There is a professional photo studio here, Studio Altius, that rents space and equipment photographers who do not have their own portrait lights and backdrops. Sometimes on Saturday afternoon they will bring in models for those of us still on our learner's permits. This is some work I did yesterday. These women are not professional models but were great to work with. Laura is completing her Ph.D. in American studies and Cookie is an executive with a corporate relocation firm.


Janet said...

Lovely photos. Neat thing about the photography studio. You did a good job.

Annie said...

Everything you photographed here is lovely to see. The delights of living in a city with art and art opportunities are well presented.

Bob Crowe said...

Annie - thanks for your comment. We St. Louisans often have a self image problem. We think we're a bit of a backwater, inferior to our huge neighbor, Chicago, up the road. Doing a daily photo blog has made me go out and look at my city more carefully, showing me how rich the area really is.