Tuesday, July 24, 2007

DJ Freshstep

This is DJ Freshstep, a long-time friend of the family and buddy of U "R" Us since high school. He was working last Saturday night at Hullabaloo, a Latin American restaurant and bar in Maplewood. Your Inquiring Photographer went over to shoot the action.

Freshstep is a free spirit. Last year he blew off to Bangkok for six months, working as a DJ in that city, Seoul and Tokyo, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. It was. We need a Bangkok CDPB in the worst way.

TOMORROW: Portrait of the Artists


Olivier said...

bel effet sur cette photo, tu as bien rendu le mouvement de la main du DJ. Bravo, moi je rate totalement ce type de photo ;o(

beautiful effect on this photograph, you returned well the movement of the hand of the DJ. Cheer, me I completely miss this type of photograph ;O(

U "R" Us AKA Captain Crowe said...

Hey, I know this guy! Oh wait, that's right I told you to go check out the scene that night. You said you weren't too happy with the light, but this is pretty cool. Now, where can I next send you?

Bob Crowe said...

Know any hot DJs working Shanghai in a few weeks? The light really was terrible in the corner of the bar where he was working - there was damn little of it. I shot this with bounce flash, standing on the little porch where the equipment was located. The image was still pretty bland (you saw the original). I used masks in PS to bump the color saturation of the red wall and the blue in front of the neon sign, then used zoom blur to get a little motion. Turned out OK.

ShadowyOne said...

Any credit for the person who suggested shooting up close from the steps of the DJ booth?

Sasha said...

The photo turned out pretty ok. I wish I could just hop a plane to Bangkok just because!