Friday, September 1, 2017

Please Remain Calm

Very late post today. Bad, bad week at work. Didn't get anything done for City Daily Photo theme day either. Should I care to, there will be plenty of opportunity to photograph photographers next week.

Another show from the Fringe festival, Please Remain Calm by O'Fallon Theatre Works. The show was hilarious but a little hard to explain. Seems a pesticide called Kill Magic (it also knocks off flamingos) has caused much of the population of Lloyd Bridges, Indiana, (what?) to turn into zombies. Many of the high school students are herded into a supply closet. The scene drifts back and forth to meetings, perhaps out in public, perhaps in the school, involving the mayor, the chief of police, the principal, the president of the PTA, the school nurse, the girls' gym teacher, parents, a tipsy neighbor and a representative of Kill Magic urging everyone to please remain calm. Kill Magic is safe as can be, we think. But it looks like the zombies win out in the end. Don't they always?

This show was visually rich. There are more images in my Flickr Fringe album here.

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