Sunday, September 17, 2017

Light, Shadow And Space

Back home. Very late plane but home safe.

These are two more images from The Phoenix Museum of Art. I mentioned the openness yesterday. The B&W on top shows three levels, exhibits and people moving through them. The second photo was taken in a work placed inside a dark room. It is called You Who Are Getting Obliterates In The Dancing Swarm Of Fireflies by Yayoi Kusama. The title might be a bad translation from the Japanese but the space is disorienting. Dark but for this star field effect, glass walls and mirrors. You have no idea where to walk without bumping into something. There is a feeling of both spaciousness and confinement. Fortunately, a staff member was there to assist.  

Phoenix itself was disconcerting. It is just - so - bright. The intensity, the unrelieved searing sky, the endless high-volume tans and ochers, was really getting to me. It's cloudy today in St. Louis with a good chance of rain. What a relief. 


William Kendall said...

The second one, there was a display for a year or two in our National Gallery that was quite similar in its methodology- dark enough to be disorienting.

Cloudia said...

You brought home some nice shots

Sharon said...

You got a pretty good shot of the fireflies. I've tried a couple of times with no luck.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

We had a similar Japanese installation at the gallery here Bob.. tres unnerving 😀 welcome home to rainy St Louis!