Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Arches National Park

There are only two U.S. National Parks that contain arches. One is outside my office window. It has a single example. This one in Utah has about 1,500. Nowhere else in the world like it, and the geology is complex. But there are so many more spectacular vistas. This post is limited to the arches themselves (including Delicate, Double, South Window, Sand Dunes, Skyline, and possibly Whatchamacallit Arch) but there are fins, walls, pinnacles and impossibly balancing boulders everywhere. We work hard when we travel. When to edit?

Canyonlands National Park today. And top photo courtesy of my constant travel companion.      


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice photos, amazing geology. What a diverse country we live in.

I believe Bryce Canyon (also in Utah) has arches, too. Se here.

William Kendall said...

A glorious landscape.

RedPat said...


Norma said...

I saw this place on CBS Sunday Morning about fifteen minutes ago!