Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Last Game Of The Year

It's the last week of the baseball season. The Cardinals have had a mediocre year and will not make the playoffs. However, a company my firm does business with gave me a couple of tickets to last night's game, the opponent was our arch-rival, the Chicago Cubs, so why not.

The evening wasn't very enjoyable and makes me think I'll stop going to these events. The noise level is almost unbearably loud, with speakers (inevitably right over your head) blasting music and inane announcements. It's like being in the front rows of a heavy metal rock concert with a band you don't like. The gouge-the-public pricing is as disturbing as it is unaffordable. A cheeseburger and fries was $15. Beer cost about five times the outside price. Worst of all are the ticket prices. Our seats were some of the best but the face price was $159 each. Season ticket holders get a discount but it's still outrageous for a three hour game full of long pauses for TV commercials..

Oh, and the Cardinals lost 5-1 as the Cubs clinched the division title. We are not anxious to go back next year.       


William Kendall said...

It's been a bad year for the Jays too.

Cloudia said...

The Giants too have struggled. I think fondly of games I've attended in my life, and those I went with who are no longer around to go to the ball field with. . . . I was taken to Connie Mack stadium in Philly as a young spout!

Shibe Park, known later as Connie Mack Stadium, was a baseball park located in Philadelphia. It was the home of the Philadelphia Athletics of the American League and the Philadelphia Phillies of the National League. Wikipedia
Address: 2051-2099 W Lehigh Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132
Opened: April 12, 1909
Demolished: 1976
Broke ground: 1908
Designated as world heritage site: November 1, 1997

kukla said...

Will baseball ever go back to those days when you could breathe in the pace of the game without all that racket? Is this what they need to attract new fans who have a soundtrack for their lives? Wouldn't they also enjoy a game for its own sake?

RedPat said...

I haven't been to game here in a few years for many of the same reasons that you mentioned. Plus it is really hard to get a ticket her and I won't pay a scalper for one!

bill burke said...

Like they say, there's always next year. :) I don't think Boston is going to last very long. Possibly facing the Astros for nine straight games. They close out with four at home and if they meet in the first round that's possibly five more games. I don't think they can get by them but you never know.