Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Not Quite As Grand As We Hoped

We arrived at the Grand Canyon yesterday and, I'm sorry to say, are a bit disappointed. Sure, it's one of the great sights of the world, but it is crowded (I can't imagine what it's like during school vacations). We are staying at the moderately priced hotel inside the park. The room is worn and the food is mediocre. No wifi in the rooms and very weak in the hotel lobby. You aren't getting away to commune with nature in this place anyway so why not? 

In particular, the air is very hazy. We don't know if it is from pollution, dust or wildfires. The top photo was the only usable one I could get at sunset last night and it is heavily Photoshopped. Hoping for better conditions today.         


William Kendall said...

I imagine wildfires may be a contributing factor. It is beautiful.

Stefan Jansson said...

Hotel rooms and mediocre food never bothers me when I'm travelling. That's part of the "charm".

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Surely you couldn't have been disappointed with the Grand Canyon Bob, that's hilarious 😀