Monday, February 22, 2016

Tropical Water Birds

2016-20-18 Tamarindo Estuary Boar Ride 7
There is a large estuary between Playa Tamarindo and sparsely developed Playa Grande, the next one north, where a species of sea turtle comes to lay their eggs. We took a boat ride on the inlet. I am no nature photographer but I'll pop the shutter button at anything that passes in front of the lens. Here we have snowy egrets, tri-color herons and a couple of tweeters whose names I don't remember. The guide's English skills and my Spanish were equivalent. He explained about all of them but not all the info stuck. For all I knew the frumious Bandersnatch was around the next bend.  

There was yet more to see.                 

2016-20-18 Tamarindo Estuary Boar Ride 5

2016-20-18 Tamarindo Estuary Boar Ride 6

2016-02018 Tamarindo Estuary Boar Ride 2

2016-20-18 Tamarindo Estuary Boar Ride 4

2016-20-18 Tamarindo Estuary Boar Ride 8


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Maybe you should become a part time birder Bob :) totally fab captures here!

s.c said...

One thing is clear, if you can not swim, and yet you need the water for your food then you have to have long legs. Great bird captures here. I like it.

Norma said...

They're all so beautiful!

William Kendall said...

Some real characters among these birds.

Charlestonjoan said...

Beautiful pictures - I especially love that first one!

Jack said...

Excellent bird photographs, Bob. We have those down here, too.