Sunday, February 28, 2016

Back In The Lou

Forest Park 2016-02-27 1

We've been home for a week, actually, but I had a lot of Costa Rica material to use and the week at work was horrid. No new local material so I had to get myself back on the street. Not an idea in my head, I drove to Forest Park and decided to walk around the Grand Lagoon and Art Hill. There were things to see.

When I'm out with the big DSLR and white lens, sometimes people call out to me, "hey, mister, take my picture!" Always happy to oblige. These young people were beautiful.                    


s.c said...

Never refuse a request photography. Nice portraits Bob.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

They are beautiful young people Bob, super natural smiles, they obviously felt very relaxed with you.

Stefan Jansson said...

And the weather looks to be nice as well.

Bibi said...

Very beautiful portrait of these young people. Been to India? You'll really run out of memory cards there...EVERYONE wants a photo. ;)

BTW, at first I thought you meant you were 'back in the loo'.... ;)

Nathalie H.D. said...

They ARE beautiful, they're radiant!
I hope they get to see their portrait!

William Kendall said...

Terrific portrait!