Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Danza de Fierro

2016-02-16 Fire Dance 7
Back at Latitude Blue last night for our third annual visit. As before, the food is good, the people are nice and the fire dance show is spectacular. (It always is. Here are some of the photos from 2014 and 2015.) These are some of the new shots. I have a hundred more I could edit but it's getting very late.                     

2016-02-16 Fire Dance 1

2016-02-16 Fire Dance 4

2016-02-16 Fire Dance 3

2016-02-16 Fire Dance 6

2016-02-16 Fire Dance 2


Norma said...

This looks like fun--as long as someone else is doing it!

William Kendall said...

Amazing skill to do that!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love watching other people play with fire Bob :)

Jack said...

Good job. That is tough light to work in. I am reading a book about portrait photography and there are some suggestions about settings for moving subjects in low light of different kinds. I would have spent so much time tinkering with my settings that I would have missed the performance.