Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bite Me

2016-02-16 Rl Viejo Wetlands 7

So quoth Bart Simpson. When our son was a kid he used to like to say that when he wanted to be a little bit in our faces but not over the line. 

We went to this place called El Viejo Wetlands. Guanacaste Province, here in the northwest of Costa Rica, is a dustbowl at this time of wet season - dry season cycle. However, there is a river, the Tempisque, that gets wider and wider as it flows towards the Pacific, becoming more of a brackish estuary than a river. El Viejo (the old man) is a huge sugar cane plantation irrigated by its waters. You can drive out to the middle of nowhere (thank heaven for Google Maps and international cellular service!) to see the old plantation house, have lunch and take a boat ride on the Tempisque with a naturalist.

The place is crawling with crocodiles, the salt-water badass cousins of the alligators so common in the US around the Gulf coast and throughout Florida. Our guide and the boatman thought this was a safe distance, but I want to tell you, I was using a long telephoto.

More critters to see around there and some other odd things to do. More to come.                 
2016-02-16 Rl Viejo Wetlands 9

2016-02-16 Rl Viejo Wetlands 6

2016-02-16 Rl Viejo Wetlands 8


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Goodness me he's a biggie Bob, tres scary creatures!

William Kendall said...

They're magnificent animals.

Bibi said...

I think it is beautiful....though maybe a face only a mother could love. :)

Jack said...

I was calm through the first two photographs, but when he stared at you with his mouth open in the third photo, that was the time I began to run.