Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jujo Molina, Private Chef

Chef Jujo 2

We never thought we'd do something like this. There are a dozen or more units at the condominium we stay at in Tamarindo. Many of us gather around the pool at sunset. A group of friendly Canadians (well, they all are) told us they had engaged a private chef to prepare dinner twice during their stay. We doubted we could afford such a thing but when they mentioned the price, Mrs. C got in touch with Chef Jujo Molina of Salvia Fresca (fresh sage).

He does catering and private cooking and was willing to do it for just the two of us. The price was equal or less than dinner for two at a fine Costa Rican restaurant. The servings were so large you easily get two meal's worth, halving the effective cost. 

Jujo (a contraction of Julian and something) brings a case of ingredients. Everything is ultra fresh and prepared from scratch on the spot. He cleans up and stores the leftovers. You can look at the astounding menu we had here

The chef is from northern Spain and has worked in fine restaurants in that country, France, Italy and, I believe, Argentina. He married a Costa Rican woman. They have a young daughter and he wanted a more stable life than the restaurant work allows. He is developing this business in Guanacaste Province and has a growing reputation.

What a delight. Tomorrow we'll have some of what arrived on our plates. Check his site at                       

Chef Jujo 4

Chef Jujo 5

Chef Jujo 6


Memphis MOJO said...

Jujo sounds amazing.

A group of friendly Canadians

Isn't that redundant?

William Kendall said...

And it's a treat to watch him at work.

Well, we're not all friendly. A certain former prime minister certainly isn't, nor are a former crack smoking mayor and his thug of a brother.

Bibi said...

Well worth the money!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

What a treat Bob, the menu looked incredibly mouth watering.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Oh wow, I never thought such a thing was affordable for ordinary people but there you go! Everything looks scrumptious and your photos are fantastic.