Friday, February 26, 2016


Tamarindo 2016-02-18 1

I need to mine the vein of Costa Rica material a bit more until I can shoot some new local stuff (this weekend, I hope). Sharkey's is a popular bar and informal restaurant about 100 meters back from the beach in central Tamarindo. Not at all busy at lunch but it is packed with young people at night. The drinking age there is 18 and the place is set up to be funky/irreverent. They sure have a lot of different tequilas on offer. The burgers were pretty good.

Apologies to all my friends and colleagues whose blogs have lacked my attention for a couple of weeks. We came back last weekend and I walked into one of those weeks from hell at work. And besides (excuses, excuses) Madeleine was over last night and spent a long time sitting on my lap, watching opera clips on YouTube with me. She was fascinated, particularly by Alla Bella Despinetta from Cosi Fan Tutte. At some point she started waving her arms, mimicking the conductor. She's two and a half and "opera" is part of her vocabulary. That's my girl.

Anyway, what's coming up is merely the week from purgatory. I hope to get back on track.                 

Tamarindo 2016-02-18 3

Tamarindo 2016-02-18 4

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William Kendall said...

You've got to love some of those signs!