Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Other Locals

2016-20-18 Tamarindo Estuary Boar Ride 9

Any readers out there, at least Americans, remember Marlin Perkins' Wild Kingdom television show ages ago? Perkins was director of the St. Louis Zoo way back when and had this show about amazing animals around the world. You sort of walk into that when you get out of town in Costa Rica.

While boating on the estuary we came across a group of five iguanas along the shore. I had never seen more than one at a time. Do they have packs or family groups? What with movement of the boat and the underbrush this was the best shot I could get.

The second one was technically difficult with the back lighting. If you look carefully, though, you can see at least three monkeys, all napping in the afternoon heat. (Mad dogs and American tourists go out in the midday sun.) Easy to see the one main face but just to the right of the mouth there is an ear, the head facing left and face concealed. There is a baby all stretched out vertically on the lower right whose fur is a lighter brown.

The bottom two photos are of an identical boat to ours on the estuary and the entrance to the boatmen's cooperative.

I've been really bad about getting back to my colleagues' blogs. It's a week from hell at work to punish me for going away and I have to get pictures of Chef Jujo edited. He's the most interesting person we met down there and I promised him I'd do it.                                

2016-20-18 Tamarindo Estuary Boat Ride 9

2016-02018 Tamarindo Estuary Boar Ride 3

2016-02018 Tamarindo Estuary Boar Ride 1


Luis Gomez said...

Great post! Enjoy Bob.

William Kendall said...

The iguanas are my favourite.

I know the host of that show would routinely send his assistant to "go give that tiger a tug on the tail".

Dagwood Arnell said...

Oh you'll take some more touristy photos in Costa Rica, then you'll maybe take some touristy photos in and around Times Square in NYC, then you'll go home and take some touristy photos around the Arch or on Cherokee Street...

DUDE! You're such a good photog! Why don't you dedicate yourself to getting some slice-of-life photos of *real* people, outside of the touristy areas (wherever ye may roam)?

Why settle for such a bland collection of subject matter? Why squander your obvious talent?

Bob Crowe said...

DUDE! If you don't like 'em go look at another blog.

Bibi said...

I remember Marlin Perkins' having Zoo Parade...loved the show. And these photos...