Thursday, May 1, 2014

Elvis' Cars

Graceland 18 (1956 Caddilac Eldorado)

From top to bottom:

1956 Caddilac Eldorado

1966 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

1970 Ferrari Dino

Lincoln Continental - didn't get the year

The pink Caddilac

Elvis came from a poor family in the poor town of Tupelo, Mississippi, not far south of Memphis (part of Tupelo was flattened by a tornado a few days ago). I can understand why someone from that background would crave the material marks of success, but then I think about what the money spent on those cars could have done for his home town. Elvis could have used more Buddha nature.              

Graceland 16 (1960 Rolls Toyce Silver Cloud)

Graceland 17 (1970 Ferrari Dino)

Graceland 18 (Lincoln Continental)

Graceland 19 (Pink Caddilac)


Jilly said...

Always love your commentaries, Bob. too right. Beautiful photography of these cars. I've a Bugatti on Monte Carlo today!

Luis Gomez said...

You are so right Bob. Great images though.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful cars regardless, particularly the Rolls.

Norma said...

He did have quite a collection of cars!

Bibi said...

Oh, wow...what beautiful wheels. I'd take Buddha for a ride in that pink Cadillac... ;)

Jack said...

Perhaps it was an egocentric way to spend his money, but at least he had great taste in wheels. (I showed a bunch of expensive cars from a Naples dealership a few days ago and nearly every commenter said something like "what a waste.")

Stefan Jansson said...

Growing up my best friends mother was a huge Elvis fan, I wonder if she ever visited Graceland. Seeing your photo I know I want to go there one day.