Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wrestling In The Street

2014 Cinco de Mayo 8

Something else new at Cinco de Mayo, American-style fake wrestling. You would think the organizers would present Mexican lucha libre battles.

Anyway, the combatants hurl themselves into the ring, bellowing like wounded bull elephants. They snarl at each other. Eventually they fall into a series of scripted throws, gouges, illegal kicks, sometimes throwing each other out onto the pavement. Each seems about to triumph at times, only to be thrown off by a burst of strength from the opponent.

I can't help but notice that the man in the middle photo looks like he's singing Wagner. Maybe Alberich. If so, the first guy could be Siegfried.

More of this to come.                            

2014 Cinco de Mayo 9

2014 Cinco de Mayo 10


cieldequimper said...

Not my cup of tea but to each his own...

Birdman said...

Right on, BC.

William Kendall said...

These guys are a long, long way off from the top of that occupation. Makes you wonder why they'd keep doing it.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Very funny, especially considering how skinny these guys are.