Monday, May 26, 2014


Shakespeare In The Park 2014-05-17 24

Kids, don't try this at home. Leave it to Juggling Jeff.                                

Shakespeare In The Park 2014-05-17 25

Madeleine Monday
First trip to the St. Louis Art Museum.

Madeleine vs Rothko

Madeleine vs. Mark Rothko

Madeleine vs Judd

Madeleine vs. Donald Judd

Score: 0 - 0


s.c said...

I see that the education of Madeleine starts at a very early stage in her life by visiting famous artist works already. Nice.

Halcyon said...

You will ever find me juggling knives, at home or otherwise! Looks like the Miss is enjoying the museum!

Birdman said...

This guy needs to find a good Japanese restaurant. The portrait of Madeline in the sunlight is beautiful.

Norma said...

Madeleine looks unimpressed!

Luis Gomez said...

These are great! Madeleine shots are lovely!

William Kendall said...

Miss Madeleine looks quite contemplative in that last shot.

Juggling knives. How hard could it be?

Stefan Jansson said...


Jack said...

I fear that Jeff has a few screws loose.

Fine images of M. I have not quite figured out what you did in the last one.

Unknown said...

Fantastic capture on top and amazing composition at the bottom. Madeleine looks lovely in her fairy costume above, she looks cuter every day.