Friday, May 2, 2014

Air Elvis

Graceland 20 (The Lisa Marie)

The Graceland complex contains Elvis' two airplanes, a big Convair 880 (Anyone remember that? I never flew in one.) and a smaller corporate plane, a Lockheed Jet Star. The larger one was named the Lisa Marie, after his daughter. It was used mainly on performance tours. The Lockheed is called the Hound Dog.

You can see some detail below. I doubt that lavatory on the Lisa Marie was genuine gold, but interpret the meaning if it is not. Even the sofas on the Lisa Marie have seat belts - federal regulation, of course. In the last picture, a security camera catches an intruder on the Hound Dog.

I want to do a bit about the city of Memphis itself before I return home. It was surprisingly pleasant. One on my favorite STL annual events is tomorrow and we'll get to that soon.                                        

Graceland 21 (The Lisa Marie)

Graceland 22 (Lavatory On The The Lisa Marie)

Graceland 23 (The The Lisa Marie)

Graceland 24 (The Hound Dog)


Bibi said...

I find this all so pleasantly decadent! Gold or not!

Olivier said...

tu es le nouvel Elvis
la classe son avion, meme si je prefere la voiture d'hier

Norma said...

The Elvis fans will want to tar and feather me, but I'll say it anyway. Gold bathrooms are tacky.

Luis Gomez said...

Love it! More than anything else your mirror shot! Have a great weekend!

William Kendall said...

Using that mirror to catch yourself is well inspired!

Jack said...

It is remarkable that two serviceable planes are just sitting there having tourists climb all over them.