Sunday, May 18, 2014

The More I Think About It . . .

Union Station  Light Show 3

Late post today. We were out last night at opening night of our Shakespeare In The Park festival. Great production of Henry IV (they're doing Henry V, too) but it was so cold that we left at intermission. When we got home I started to prepare this but fell asleep over my laptop. It gets harder to keep the batteries charged, doesn't it? 

This is more of the light show in Union Station. The good news is that it's likely to pull people in and spend some money. The shopping/dining area under the train shed adjacent to the main building has been a flop. Not enough traffic. it was never enough to be a destination. Most of the original tenants left and what remains is tawdry. The display on the barrel vault might help.

On the other hand, it wrecks the grandeur of the space. If you look at the link in yesterday's post, you see something nearly perfect. The red chairs and elegant club-head lamps are gone. The new seating is gray. There is a column at each end of the hall holding light projectors. They often block the view of the ends of the barrel vault, so beautiful in their symmetry. For comparison, think about the effect of such a show in other grand interior spaces, like the dome of the U. S. Capitol or inside the spiral of the Guggenheim Museum.

So money and mass taste win again, but without the money the building would never have been restored in the first place.
Union Station  Light Show 6

Union Station  Light Show 7

Union Station  Light Show 5

Union Station  Light Show 4


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh I wish I hadn't gone back and looked at the old photo Bob.. it really was the most beautifully elegant room, somehow nothing else will be acceptable!

William Kendall said...

One hopes that from time to time they turn these lights off to let the place just be itself.

Jack said...

I would need to see the light show to make up my mind. I have seen some beautifully done light shows. And, if the place was dying when it was sedate, a property manager needs to do something. Otherwise, in five years you would be photographing it for a "decay" theme.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Light shows have become very popular around the world in the past few years and some are really good. The one I saw lately at the Popes palace was excellent. However they can turn cheesy if you're not extremely careful and I'm afraid this one has gone over the top. I followed your link and was really impressed with its previous aspect. Has the furniture changed ?

Unknown said...

Fantastic, Bob! All shots are gorgeous but I especially like the one on top. Great job.