Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Do Not Text While Standing On Railroad Tracks

Train Day At Union Station 1

Our old railway terminal, Union Station, is one of the grandest buildings in the US, IMHO. It's been on the blog a number of times. They had an event last Saturday they called Train Day, marking the centennial of the driving of the Golden Spike, joining railroad lines from the east and west coasts. A transcontinental network was created.

Among other things, they had lots of train cars and locomotives you could climb through. The Missouri Highway Patrol was there, promoting safety at street-railroad crossings. The banner in the top photo is a bit over the top. Anyone who meets her end while standing on railroad tracks, back to the direction of travel, oblivious to the roar of an oncoming engine while texting should be nominated for the Darwin Awards.

I have to drive to Indianapolis on this cold, wet morning  There is a professional conference in my legal specialty through the rest of the week. Might cut into my posting and comment time.                            

Train Day At Union Station 3


cieldequimper said...

That's a very striking poster.

Olivier said...

l'affiche est efficace, ca pourrait la couverture d'un livre de stephen king

Vince said...

I ride the Metrolink on occasion. The degree of dumbth that people display while crossing the tracks to get to the platform can be extraordinary.

Luis Gomez said...

Wow! Great poster. Saint Louis Union Station is gorgeous. I think I even stayed at its hotel once.

William Kendall said...

Definitely a poster that commands attention.

Jack said...

That sign sure grabs one's attention, doesn't it!