Saturday, October 19, 2013

Right After The Last One

Gateway Arch 2013-09-14 3

Yesterday's, today's (and maybe tomorrow's) pictures were taken on a September afternoon. I was walking around under the Arch shooting hand-held HDRs, some of them with a Lensbaby. This view is from the top of the stairs in Friday's post with the shadow of the Arch running down. If you look carefully you can see the shadow out over the river and hooking left.

AND THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS CRUSHED LOS ANGELES 9 - 0 LAST NIGHT TO WIN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. The Cardinals now advance to the World Series against either Boston or Detroit. The Series will be here Saturday, Sunday and perhaps Monday of next week. I hope to get to one and possibly two of the games. 

The Cardinals are a remarkable franchise. There are 30 teams in Major League Baseball. Our's has reached the World Series 4 of the last 10 and 2 of the last 3 years.

 NLCS Game 6 - Cardinals Win - 2

NLCS Game 6 - Cardinals Win - 1

NLCS Game 6 - Cardinals Win - 3

NLCS Game 6 - Cardinals Win - 4       


cieldequimper said...

You could start an arch shadow series...

Sorry, m'not much good at sports, but happy for you!

William Kendall said...

That shadow really is dominant!

I saw the final score late last night, and figured you'd have something to say. What a way to win a series!

Memphis MOJO said...

The Cardinals are a remarkable franchise.

And they do it without spending a bunch of money like other teams do. Did they want to let Pujols go? No, of course not, but they obviously did the right thing.

I'll be at the game Saturday. The place will be rockin'.

Stefan Jansson said...

I wonder how much I would use such a lens if I bought one, never really understood the fun with them.

Jack said...

I like your television screen shots of the Cardinals. I did some in the past when the UConn Huskies won national championships in basketball. I might try some again if the Red Sox get into the World Series. We will have dueling screen shots!

TheChieftess said...

I suppose congratulations are in order...(Next year...a blue year!!!) :{

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Ditto what Ciel said Bob :)