Friday, October 4, 2013

Cardinal Nation

First Day Of the Playoffs 2013 1

And on a happier note:

The playoffs for the baseball championship started yesterday. Our Cardinals not only won their division but had the best record in the National League, There was a rally outside the stadium before the game to whip up the fans. I wore a red shirt and hat but not makeup.

We played the Pittsburgh Pirates. Poor Pittsburgh hasn't had a winning season for 23 years but has an excellent team this year, worthy of respect. However, our players didn't respect them in the slightest. The Cardinals ran away with a 9-1 win in the first of a five game series. More to come.

One person unsubscribed from my blog feed after yesterday's post. I was kinda disappinted there weren't more. And to that very nice, very conservative man who sat beside me at the game, I told you not to read the text of that post.        

First Day Of the Playoffs 2013 3

First Day Of the Playoffs 2013 2


Stefan Jansson said...

That guy with the red hair is a passionate man, that's for sure.

Birdman said...

They looked mighty fine! said...

The third inning of last night's game was especially delightful.

Memphis MOJO said...

I just saw the guy in the top photo on TV (Friday 10 a.m.) in a second pep rally.

William Kendall said...

Meanwhile, Cubs fans are crying in their beer, asking, "Why, God, why do you hate our boys?"

Good shots, Bob!