Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Arch Series - CLOSED

Arch Shutdown 1

The Arch is a national park so it is closed. I was surprised to find that the grounds were open. It has a large, unfenced perimeter so it would be difficult but park rangers could chase people away. I wonder if they will mow the grass.

The most thoughtful analysis of the shutdown I've seen so far was in Thomas Friedman's column in yesterday's New York Times. His thesis is that the far right's outrageous conduct is designed to destroy representative democracy in the US. In that form of government people vote for the legislature and executive. Whoever gets enough votes passes laws. The majority rules. Losers have to accept that, then try to elect enough of their numbers to make changes.

The right says to hell with democracy. They will not accept that they lost the Senate and White House fair and square. The Tea Partiers demand whatever they want in defiance of the will of the majority, threatening to damage the economy and cause untold personal suffering if they don't get their way. It is extortion.

The far right  is ready to destroy the best of the American system of government. You can read Friedman's column here.


Olivier said...

j'ai vu qu'il y avait plus de 800.000 fonctionnaires qui avait du arrêter de travailler..;(( j 'espère que l'etat trouvera une solution rapidement said...

The erosion of the influence of Republican party leadership is a factor. Individual Members of Congress can raise more campaign funds by being an extremist and attracting the attention and support from the extreme right wing. They don't need, fear or want the support of the party leadership any more.

Lynette said...

Intriguing, Bob.

William Kendall said...

Friedman's column should be required reading. Thanks for posting the link.

A letter to the editor in one of our papers last week from someone in Illinois asked if Canada would be kind enough to annex the United States as the eleventh province.

Good shot!

Stefan Jansson said...

From the other side of the Atlantic it is easy to see that the Tea party Republicans are trying their best to destroy the USA.