Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Not The Best Day For St. Louis

TV Camera - Boston Pitcher

Defeat in the fifth game of the World Series. The Cardinals offense hit the snooze button as they lost to the Red Sox 3 - 1. The match returns to Boston on Wednesday. Our team would have to win both of the two final games to gain the championship, a very tough assignment.

So today we have some strange-ish baseball images. Top, a TV camera's monitor near our seats with a glowering Boston pitcher. Below, a girl whose mother gave me permission to photograph, but between us we could not get to smile. 

Last, there has been a blimp floating over the stadium for the last few days, surreal enough by itself. It had cameras for aerial shots and LED ads for Direct TV. I didn't catch the context of this sequence. Interpret it any way you want. As Archibald MacLeish said, a poem should not mean, but be.          

World Series Game 4 2013-10-27 4

She Gives You (Direct TV Blimp 1)

What You Want (Direct TV Blimp 2)


Olivier said...

jadore la premiere photo, elle est superbe. on sent la tension du joueur. la serie n'est pas finie

William Kendall said...

Nothing worth having should be easy. Let's see it go to seven games.

Very enigmatic messages from the blimp....

Jack said...

That monitor photo of Clay Buchholz is terrific. The image on the screen is VERY scary.

Stefan Jansson said...

I agree with Jack monitor photo is a good one but so is the portrait of the girl.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh no! That is not a happy chappy :) hopefully your Cardinals can win the lead back Bob!