Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Concert For Kathmandu Kids - Around The Room

Concert For Kathmandu Kids 2013-10-18 3

Just a bit more from last weekend's fundraiser for the Mitrata Nepal Foundation. There was a good crowd at The Old Rock House, a bar and music venue near downtown. Above, the leaders of Joia and Christine Schutz, the president of the foundation. Below, part of the Nepalese contingent at the party and, finally, fun on the dance floor during the final jam with Dawn Weber, her band and Joia.        

Concert For Kathmandu Kids 2013-10-18 9

Concert For Kathmandu Kids 2013-11-18 22


Stefan Jansson said...

Always nice with people photos. And these people are doing a great job with the foundation.

Virginia said...

Now this is a gig I'd have loved too. Great shots, great cause.

William Kendall said...

Good people shots, Bob, and I particularly like the venue!