Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Opposite Of What I Do

Chicago 2-13-10-12 5

I don't have any  current St. Louis material so I'm staying with Chicago for a bit.

These pictures were taken on or just off Mies van der Rohe Way (remember, less is more!), the small street that runs in front of Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art. In the first shot, Carolyn and Andy puzzle over a poster for the featured photography exhibition. These are not words I live by. The show was about images made after long, intense planning. The picture in the poster is supposed to be a BMW noise-supression testing room, although it's fake. Each of those sound-absoribing bars are just curled paper, precisely arranged and then thrown away. A bit too heady for me.

The bottom picture was taken a quarter-block away. It shows the spiral ramp into the Hancock Building and its light fixtures. I just  liked the abstraction and rhythm.      

Chicago 2-13-10-12 4

Chicago 2-13-10-12 2


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Art can be tres puzzling sometimes Bob, but not so the architecture of the Hancock building, that's fabulous!

William Kendall said...

Black and white shots work beautifully.

That's quite a name for a street!

Krisztina Clifton said...

Love the architecture in the last shot! I love black and white for shots like these which have a lot of lines.

Unknown said...

All shots are good but the last one is really fantastic.

Virginia said...

Great shots all. I really need to get myself to Chicago.... and The Lou.