Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Enter The Hall

Fabulous Fox 3

This what you must  pass through at the Fox Theatre to reach your seat for Blue Man Group or Spamalot. It looks like it should cause a transformative experience, such as Pamina and Tamino encounter toward the end of The Magic Flute. (Sorastro could happily hold court here.) You just have to wonder what the people who designed this place were smoking.

The fourth picture is a closeup of the image over the entry doors, seen much smaller in the first and second shot. It doesn't seem to work with the fierce guard in the third one, who looks vaguely Babalonian except he is holding a scimitar, which is Arab. The last picture is what confronts you at the back of the lobby, where you must mount a great staircase to confront some Broadway fluff or your doom, depending on the quality of the production.

Factoid: it looks like this space is full of intricate stonecarving and marble columns. Not so. It's all painted plaster, every bit of it, here and in the auditorium.

We will begin to go inside tomorrow.       

Fabulous Fox 2

Fabulous Fox 14

Fabulous Fox 13

Fabulous Fox 1


Unknown said...

This place is unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

Stefan Jansson said...

Impressive is a good word here.

brattcat said...


William Kendall said...

Wow! That's spectacular!

Virginia said...

Your photos of this place are ..........FABULOUS . They are so sharp and clear, makes me want to throw my camera in the trash and never pick it up again. THey should pay you BIG bucks for these photos B.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

This is one of those deco mash ups, right? Moorish, Egyptian, deco, Indian elements all thrown together in an over the top mix of colors and materials. It must be a lot of fun seeing a performance here. And Virginia is right, these photos are so sharp! Splendiferous, Bob.